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SEO, if nothing else, has an air of mystique. If you listen to many search engine optimization companies, you’ll be led to believe it has almost magical properties for transforming your business. So it’s disappointing when the miraculous return on investment promised never materializes.

The issue is not in the ability of SEO to boost your business – but it could be the ability of your SEO company. There’s only so far that tricks, smoke and mirrors can go…

SEO really isn’t magic. It isn’t even rocket science. At its heart, search engine optimization is a simple, logical process which, combined with a diligent approach, creates excellent exposure and solid results for steady business growth.

Search Engine Optimization

What does: Search Engine Optimization Means?

Search Engine Optimization known in short as SEO, is the process of using a number of calculated strategies to improve a website’s search engine rankings for targeted keywords.

Why Do I Need Organic Search Engine Optimization?

A study published by Jupiter Media Metrix indicates that 80 percent of Internet users start their search for products and services on search engines. As a consequence, if your website or online business fails to appear among the top listings for relevant keyword search results, you could find yourself losing more customers than you can afford and often to your competitors. Also, Search Engine Optimization has proven to yield the highest long-term return on investment than any other channel of online marketing.

Why Do You Need Hire YourwebSEO?

Search engine optimization is a complex process and is not easy. Many website owners or in house marketing departments make the mistake of hiring inexperienced SEO companies’ and many times this can lead to detrimental long term penalties to ones website. It is important that you do SEO right the first time around.

If this is your second, third or even fourth time engaging in an SEO campaign it can be difficult to trust another search engine optimization company. Your mind can be put at ease to know that YourwebSEO has over 14 year of experience in SEO across many industry verticals and knows what it takes to earn your trust and make your site rank for the long term!

Our Approach


First things first: if you believe that your business plan is severely flawed – let’s face it, if your company is suffering – search engine optimization might not be the answer. However, if you believe your overarching business strategy is sound, and you’re ready to take your growth into the next phase, search engine optimization can help you achieve truly amazing results. What’s more, in the ruthless, cutthroat, commercial world, a strategic approach to search engine optimization will distance you from your competitors and give you even more room to grow.

The key to unlocking this growth is finding the right partner. One that won’t make SEO into a magic trick. One that deals with you openly and honestly. And one that can help you understand search engine optimization and put you in control of your company’s internet marketing success.

As your ideal partner, we at Yourweb SEO have shared a few tips to help you get started on your search engine optimisation strategy – but to work with a partner that can guide you through the entire process and help you achieve more, please call, email or get in touch via this website.


Start strong: You’re entering a crowded marketplace – so it’s important to punch above your weight at the outset. Use Adwords and Adsense to kick-start your SEO campaign, then keep the momentum going by building on your links’ equity and the long-term visibility of your site.

Select strong links: Backlinks are key. Build the profile of your site through reliable inbound links. Quality is vital at first – only when your site has established its own equity should you consider lesser links to round out the numbers.

Content, content, content: Your search engine optimisation efforts will come to naught if your website isn’t worth viewing or talking about. You need to get customers and competitors’ attention, from tools and packaged systems to acquiring high quality links through viral sources. Such content sources are exceptionally cost-effective, which goes some way to explaining their popularity.

Forge relationships: Not everyone in SEO is your competitor. Seek out people and companies with which you could form a mutually beneficial relationship – then introduce yourself and start building links with them.

Don’t be a daredevil: The world of search engine optimization shifts faster than quicksand. Resist risks. Avoid undermining your competitors with link baiting and redirecting to your own site – otherwise it could be you going under.

Don’t be a hero: You’re not alone in the market, so don’t be too adventurous and certainly don’t try to do it all yourself. Find a partner to help you when necessary.

Variety is the spice: It helps to own multiple brands and services that you can talk about in different markets. The more your brands develop and grow, the more diverse your portfolio, the more search engine exposure for your company. Plus, you could benefit from cross-links whilst minimising the risks of cannibalising your own services. It all contributes to taking your brand further.

Stay on the money: Remember not to let your costs escalate out of control. Keep your SEO content quality high and the quantity at its most effective. Streamlined sites lead to better search engine optimisation – and a fuller wallet.

This is war: Finally, remember that it’s a crowded, competitive warzone in the world of SEO. Fight smart, pick your battles and your brand will live longer in your customers’ memory. A sound battle plan – or SEO strategy – will help you immeasurably.

These are just a few pieces of advice to get you started. To build a strong search engine optimisation strategy on these solid foundations, you’ll need a partner with market-leading expertise, always ready for the next big thing in SEO. Call Yourweb SEO today, or alternatively email or fill in the query form on this website. We’ll help your SEO strategy succeed.

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