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Competition for law related organic traffic is rising fast. With the rapid decline in usage of the yellow pages and other traditional advertising mediums, many law practices have looked for alternatives. Those firms that gambled on SEO services have benefited greatly, because Google searches for lawyers has risen astronomically in the two years of time.

The average cost per click in the United States for the keyword “lawyer” has increased steadily from $2 per click in early 2007 to as much as $21 per click in 2021. Studies show that every 18 clicks will generate 1 lead, and 3 leads will generate one sale. Following that logic, a $5000 monthly pay per click budget should yield 500 clicks, 28 leads, and 9 sales.

The best alternative to pay per click is Search Engine Optimization. A properly optimized local law website will average over 1000 clicks per month which in turn will yield 50 leads and 18 sales per month. SEO services and prices are driven by the type of law that you or your firm offers i.e. personal injury law, criminal defense law, family and divorce law, and the competition for traffic in your geographic location. A personal injury attorney in Miami has more competition for search traffic than a personal injury attorney in a smaller town. This in results in more SEO work and higher monthly prices. However, SEO services have not reached the prices of pay per click. In fact, SEO for lawyers cost is less than half in cost when compared to pay per click services.

SEO and pay per click services yield higher results when combined. In order to take full advantage of the search traffic available, we recommend a highly targeted pay per click campaign and SEO program.

Criminal Defense Attorney Jeffry S Weiner

Criminal Defense Attorney

Jeffrey S. Weiner, one of 2010 Best Lawyers in America©. We currently manage this firms internet marketing needs including SEO and reputation management.

Some of the keywords that we optimize monthly include:

  • Criminal Lawyer Miami
  • Miami Criminal attorney
  • Miami Criminal Lawyer
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer Miami
  • & many other keyword combinations..



Family & Divorce Law

At Donald G. Criscuolo PA, we are passionately dedicated to providing vigorous and proficient legal representation in all types of family law matters, from the simple uncontested divorce to the complex divorce involving distribution of property and business interests.

The firm focuses exclusively on family law matters, including:

  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Paternity
  • Child Custody
  • Modification of Child Custody
  • Enforcement of Child Custody
  • Child Visitation & child support
Entertainment & Business Law Firm

Entertainment & Business Law Firm

Helping entertainers and entertainment companies become bigger stars through establishing, maintaining, and protecting a strong entertainment career and business.



Consumer Law Partners is an established law firm dedicated to raising consumer awareness of rights held under the Lemon Law and providing legal representation to those affected by the Lemon Law.



Attorney William Fay is rated as the #1 criminal attorney in Raleigh by cityspur.com. He is a graduate of Saint Louis University School of Law where he finished 6th in his class of 312 students, was an editor for Law Review, and received 5 Academic Excellence Awards. The focus of his practice is criminal defense in Wake County, North Carolina. He has been certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Standardized Field Sobriety Test Administration. These are the tests that officers use in the field to determine whether a driver is appreciably impaired, and is often the most compelling evidence used against a defendant in a court of law.

Digital Marketing Company Los Angeles, California USA

In looking for a digital marketing company Los Angeles, California USA, clientele have likely realized the benefits such a campaign has on new and repeat business. Through the different services offered by a search marketing agency Los Angeles businesses can realize the most effective web promotion feasible. A well-designed digital marketing strategy should bring new levels of visibility to a business on-line, reaching customers through the search engines they most commonly use. The vast majority of internet users rely on search engines to find products and services on-line. When procuring the services of a SEO company Miami, clientele will be using the on-line tendencies of their target audience to the advantage of their marketing strategy. Search engine optimization is critical to increased exposure through the most common search engines and any other forums through which a company’s demographic is likely to get their information.

As a result of work with an SEO company Phoenix, businesses should see an increase in their on-line presence that drives new customers to their site. Leads generated through search engine results are likely to make-up a high-number of a company’s new business. Without an on-line presence that is supported by a sound SEO strategy, companies in New York City may not be capitalizing on an otherwise profitable resource. The nature of consumerism is changing in ways that project better returns for businesses with a strong on-line presence than those without a functional site or a marketing campaign to drive on-line traffic. Search engine optimization agencies will likely offer a number of services that complement any attempt to increase traffic through page rankings and relevance. At the time they are contacting an digital marketing company San Diego companies should also inquire about web page design applications and any other marketing tool that may be effective in their field.

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