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Since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, search engines have been crawling for high quality websites and businesses that offer useful, helpful and well-written articles and content to their readers. The aim is, quite literally, to make the web a better place; a place where spammy websites filled with dodgy links are demoted and where those that could make a positive, worthwhile contribution to any web searcher’s online experience are easier to find in search engine results.

The cause is an admirable one, and has led to the oft-quoted adage ‘content is king‘. We’d go one step further than that, though: content is king, queen, castle and rook; it’s bishop, knight and even pawn. The importance of high quality, shareable and useful content is now threaded throughout each and every online marketing campaign and digital strategy.

But where do you start?

There are dozens of ways you could create and share content: with persuasive landing pages, in blog articles, with social media engagement, with informative and attractive infographics, with optimized and creative video and even with interactive online experiences.

How do you know which of these is right for your business?

To ensure any new or improved content marketing strategy provides results, it’s best to know where you currently stand. White Hat Media’s content specialists can perform a detailed audit of your current content output across all channels and make recommendations for improvements that will result in more conversions from a larger audience.

Want to get your website extra exposure and improve SEO at the same time? Our website content writers will work with you on a content strategy that includes the writing and placement of industry-relevant, informative articles with influential online publications. Plus, with a customised content plan that includes an editorial calendar, social sharing strategy and regular reporting on links and traffic sources, you can build an accurate picture of where your content is working best to meet KPIs and assess which audience segments are being most accurately targeted.

We understand the need for persuasive and tightly-written landing pages and great content, too, so our content marketing team includes highly-skilled and experienced website copywriters from a variety of industry backgrounds who can turn your website into a lead-generating machine with brand-oriented, search engine-optimised text.
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