Managed Pay Per Click at YOURWEBSEO

We have seen on many an occasion, businesses that are running a PPC campaign alongside SEO. Unfortunately it is not always done correctly, resulting in potential loss of sales, wasted marketing spend, and a bitter taste in your mouth.

Due to the nature of pay per click marketing, every business will have different needs, but the same goal – sales and enquiries. When you are spending money on your marketing you need to know your level of ROI, and how much you can afford very much depends on the risk to reward ratio.

It is our main goal with any PPC campaign we run to increase your ROI and re-align your online marketing to the more profitable route of SEO. Our combined SEO and PPC services will deliver more bang for your buck and more importantly, a better return on your investment.

What is YOURWEBSEO Local?

We offer our PPC services on a completely non-contractual basis, with no hidden catches, no minimum term. You own the campaign. You have full access at all times. This is a truly visible service with custom reporting, so we will give you all information you need on the basis that suits you the most.

Whether your needs are large or small, we have a tailored solution for everyone. From setup-and-go, to a fully managed campaign, whether you require some training, or want to check the quality of your own existing campaign – we can help.

We offer a comprehensive Google Adwords appraisal completely FREE of charge.

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