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If a national SEO campaign doesn’t fit your requirements and you’d like to target people a little closer to home then YOURWEBSEO Local could be the perfect solution for you and your business.

YOURWEBSEO Local is a service combining our industry leading SEO with optimisation of Google Places listings to ensure local customers can find your business. This is especially important for one-man-band businesses that only operate within their local areas such as electricians, plumbers, joiners, photographers, painters and decorators, gardeners – anybody that relies on customers within the local area for work.

Even if you’re a national or global business and have various offices/locations, YOURWEBSEO Local can help make sure that the people right on your door step are catered for in your online marketing.

What is YOURWEBSEO Local?

Google launched its Google Places service in April 2010 to allow businesses to increase their online visibility for people searching for their services within the local area. Whenever someone uses Google to search for a service within a local area – e.g. Wedding Photographers in Delhi– a map appears on the results page with all of the relevant businesses pinpointed and also listed as places on the actual results page.

YOURWEBSEO Local utilises our industry-leading SEO service in combination with optimisation for Google Places. In short, this results in dominance of the search engine rankings in multiple ways for your business and ultimately maximises your online exposure to the local population.

We set up and optimise your new Google Places account for you and fine-tune it to ensure maximum exposure for relevant search phrases. We also undertake an SEO campaign for your website for a number of local search phrases dependent upon your price plan.

How Does it Work?

Just like SEO, Google Places optimisation requires a combination of straightforward processes and changes which, if done incorrectly, can seriously impede your chances of success. However, when these processes are expertly executed they can have a huge impact on the total amount of business enquiries you receive from customers online.

Some of these factors include: categories you are listed for, local directory listings, ensuring your listing is claimed/activated, your listings address compared to the address on your website and the age of the listing… so time is of the essence!

Similar to SEO, links to your website have an impact on Google Local results but reviews and simple mentions of your business across the internet are important as well. Because of the similarities we also optimise your website for local search phrases whilst optimising Google Local to ensure that your business is found in multiple ways by as many potential customers as possible.

Why Do I Need Local SEO?

Google searches account for around 90% of all online inquiries in the US, UK, India and there are millions of enquiries made every day – around 25% of which are geographically local searches. Also according to the office of national statistics some 45% of people surveyed said they made use of the net while out and about, compared with 31% in 2010. With these statistics it makes perfect business sense to ensure people looking for your services can easily find you.

If statistics aren’t enough to convince you then consider this next point – current predictions indicate that more users will connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs over the next five years, which means it is more important than ever to ensure the online presence of your business is operating to its full potential.

When somebody uses a mobile phone to search locally with Google, the Google Places map and results appear on their screen with the phone numbers next to the listings. All they have to do is simply tap the number to call you! In a world where mobile phones are an essential possession for almost everybody it makes perfect business sense to make sure people can find you with minimum effort!


Consider this…


A short time ago one of our staff lost his house keys on the way home from work. Left with nothing but his wallet and his mobile phone the only option he had was to use Google to search for an emergency locksmith in the area.

This resulted in multiple Google places listings appearing with phone numbers next to them, ready to be pressed and called. The locksmith came to his house, drilled the lock and our man was back inside his house with a new set of keys within an hour. This small example highlights the positive impact that investment in Google Places optimisation could have on your business.

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