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Link building is an essential part of the search engine optimization process. Many of the major search engines, namely Google rank a website based on the variation, quality and volume of inbound links back to a particular website.

Websites like the BBC gain links back to their site naturally by people writing on forums about particular news stories and linking back to those stories from their own sites, blogs, forums and they even rewrite articles about a particular topic they have written about and link back from it to the BBC article.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a profile like the BBC or Sky Sports, therefore gaining links back to a site that is about something like artificial grass or pictures frames or a particular niche of furniture (like a sofa) is much more difficult. Therefore, at YOURWEBSEO, we work hard to make this happen for our clients, we strive to look for relevant sites to posts link back to your website, we work hard to make your site the authority in your industry and make sure the linking process is natural and relevant.

Search Engine algorithm updates – in particular Google and how it looks at links.

Updates to search engine algorithm happen all the time.  Google for example, is a search engine that is looking to rank the most relevant web pages for search terms related to them.  Coupled with this, a major factor when Google ranks a webpage is the quality and variation of backlinks to that page.  But, and this is a big but, Google never stops, it never sleeps and it is certainly not complacent.  The links Google’s database counts in favour to give you good rankings changes.

Our research and development team work day and night, we have two sets of key individuals who work day and night shifts tracking our own set of sites that we own.  We develop new ways of building links to these sites to see how search engines react to our research and tests.  Only when we have trialed link building on our own website and it works positively on the websites we own, we will then roll it out on all of our clients sites.  This is how we at SEO Next stay ahead of the game.  In fact, many of the top SEO gurus and top SEO companies consult and outsource to our team because our research and development in this field is industry leading.

How do we do this?

Once you sign up with us, our growing team of 10+ link builders work day to day identifying relevant places online to post links for your website. Once you are on board with us, we assign a particular team to your website who do the following things;

Access our growing database of online niches

Look at the most relevant places online we can post your links from our database
Our research and development team drive forward and stay ahead of the game by identifying new places online we can post relevant links back to your site. From day one, our team will roadmap everything out, so that our link building team can go ahead and be relentless building links on your behalf back to your website.

Getting to the crux of thingswhat is it actually what I am paying for!!?

If you have ever promoted a website, you will know that gaining links from the following sources is of use, and we do all this on your behalf. This is the time consuming job of SEO and this is why you pay us to do it, because you do not have time and you need to run your business.

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