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Digital Marketing for eCommerce Websites

In the highly competitive world of selling products online through eCommerce, Yourweb SEO has developed the solution for you! You might have the greatest website in the world but if nobody knows it exists, how can you sell your products?

At YourwebSEO, we are acutely and commercially aware of the bare fact that you need to sell items that make you money and maximise your business’ association with keywords and products that are most profitable for your business.

Think back to the days before the Internet – the best way to expose your brand to potential customers back then was to splash clever slogans and fancy pictures on billboards placed in a variety of locations. The billboards that worked were the ones in prime spots, the ones that were seen by the most people.

We do this for your website. We put you in front of that crowd. We get you seen by the masses. We put you in the prime spot. Your website and products will be seen by the world and your brand will get the exposure you crave.

SEO for eCommerce Websites

Our Approach

Digital Marketing for: eCommerce Websites

Digital Marketing Services for e commerce websites is very complex and time consuming as each product in your catalog needs to be optimized individually. The prices for e commerce Digital Marketing Services are dependent on the products that you sell, the competition for high traffic keywords, and the type of shopping cart that you use for your website.

Some of the optimization techniques included in our e commerce services include sitemaps, title tags, descriptions, keyword selection, inbound link building, keyword research, single product optimization, and other techniques necessary to increase your position in the search engines.

The type of shopping cart that you are using for your website allows us to determine the necessary approaches and methods to improve your SEO rankings. Some of the shopping carts that we have experience optimizing include:

  • Magento E commerce Websites
  • X-Cart SEO
  • Zen Cart SEO
  • Miva E commerce SEO
  • Pinnacle Cart SEO
  • Custom Shopping Carts

We have years of experience optimizing ecommerce websites and all of our clients have achieved a high ranking in the search engines for a number of keyword variations. For a complete list of e commerce clients that we have optimized please contact us today

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